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Your customersthey love privacy, and they can get it safely with Dinastycoin

We help you set up your online store in 15 minutes
free and no transaction costs, no start-up costs, no monthly or annual fixed costs,


Target is a new audience of privacy advocates with a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of cash that they are eager to spend

you won't believe it

your customer’s privacy is guaranteed, and you will receive payments in an instant, without additional costs, without fixed costs of any kind.

In addition, you can have a consultant for free who can help you and support you with any of your problems from both a regulatory and a technical point of view.


You can use our platform and have a free online shop forever .. Or integrate payment into your ecommerce platform with our API.


If you use our free platform, customers can pay you with the Mobile Application simply by photographing the QrCode that you show them with your Phone or tablet. If you use our API on your ecommmerce platform, you will still receive payment in real time, which is always instant and safe and without transaction costs.


Zero transaction, activation and maintenance costs for your shop open on our Dinasty of Freedom platform

The online store has no cost

Using our platform you will have no activation costs, nor periodic costs, in full transparency! You can use our mobile WebApp for free to receive payments directly in the store from customers who want to pay in dinastycoin and you will have an online shop where you can receive orders via the internet.


DINASTYCOIN is totally private, fungible and untraceable. Your competitors will know nothing about your business and your customers!

A more secure and anonymous ring signature technology than Bitcoin

Each transaction generates a different one shot address. and is divided into several parts, making identification impossible
Accept payments in cryptocurrency and zero 100% of your taxes until you change your cryptocurrencies into Fiat currency.

Even accepting only 50% for a shop means tripled earnings and halved taxes.


We guarantee your purchases. Open the shop for free on our platform is all you have to do!

Use Our Free API or Web Services to Integrate the DinastyCoin Payment System

There is nothing to pay to participate, no monthly or annual fees, just a small fee 3% on payments in Euro or Cryptocurrency. Cost that is distributed at 99.7% to the community that will spend it again in the affiliated Dinasty of Freedom stores and therefore also by you.


Accepting payments in cryptocurrency means zeroing of taxable taxes and VAT exemption. Great advantages also for consumers


Our community has many Cryptocurrencies to spend and can’t wait to find shops where you can do it.

By joining us your shop will be ready to accept payments in cryptocurrencies beyond Dinastycoin also Bitcoin , ethereum is Litecoin.

You also get visibility in the community and geolocation, and you can use the marketing tools available on our platform for free to promote your shop and products

Join us Always sell at full price and get maximum profit and your customers will thank you, paying you with a cryptocurrency they produce themselves.

WE will be happy to welcome you!


Thousands of Users in Italy use Dinastycoin and they grow every day

Dinastycoin in Italy represents the way to free oneself from debt slavery and from the increasingly oppressive grip of taxes with dinasty of freedom you will no longer be alone, consultants and professionals will help you move in the world of cryptocurrencies!

My experience in DOF, is sensational , the initial skepticism has given way to the enthusiasm that leads me to write ….
the structure, the competence, the unparalleled project, can only be married to those who have the goal of giving a change to the system and to their own life.
following the instructions, always very clear and precise, you can configure the whole system ad hoc,
the competence, professionalism and willingness to support us from the direction of the program ..
.is what convinced me to take the road and to try to make as many people as possible understand that this is the beginning of something overwhelming, it is not hot air it is reality, and we are lucky to be there NOW.

Gusepps, Dynasty of Freedom

I first got to know about dinasty through a friend of mine. He first gave me a detailed explaination on it and by then he knew i was involved in social service works, mainly in helping ophan children. So, due to his recommendation on dinasty, i decided to join as well under his sponcership, thinking this would help me find a way to support those ophan children and their ophanage … i am a person who was involved in this work from the year 2014 …

Gaanu Prasadi, social aids

I am very happy to be within this group, I thank Giorgio for introducing me to this reality, and a big thank you to Maurizio for the professionalism and consistency that with all the new ones, I hope to be a pillar of this great project. Thank you all.

Gaetano, Avada Theme

What is Dinastycoin

DinastyCoin is an anonymous and decentralized cryptocurrency , which is a secure digital currency, not controlled by governments, banks or other institutions. It is a public and transparent system, managed and viewed by the entire Community without management by third parties. A real Community so that you are the protagonist of your financial freedom. Cryptocurrencies are the new frontier of freedom for Entrepreneurs and end users

  • mining started on May 5, 2016

  • The total number of Coins mined will be 2 billion

  • Algorithm: Cryptonight

  • Adaptive Limits. It intelligently adjusts its parameters based on historical data. The difficulty is recalculated for each block

  • Minimum transaction cost only 0.001 DCY

  • Equalitarian proof of work. Designed for equal mining based on GPU and CPU used

  • Anonymous Payments

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Dinasty of Freedom è una comunità di essere umani

che ha come scopo quello di restituire all'essere umano la sua dignità e il suo benessere promuovendo i trattati universali dei diritti umani e creando un nuova economia basata sullo scambio di prodotti e servizi utlizzando come tramite una propria crtittovaluta: dinsatycoin
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