These instructions are for the command line version of the dinastycoin wallet.

Proving that you have sent payment

If you need to provide details about a payment you’ve sent, then you MUST have access to the same wallet from which the dinastycoin was sent. Because of the level of privacy that dinastycoin allows for, people cannot just see a public record of payments you’ve sent. To prove payment, you need to have a record of something called a TXKEY which is only stored against a local copy of your dinastycoin wallet. If you have created multiple wallets for the same address, then you cannot use any other wallet to obtain the TXKEY that you will require to prove payment.

To obtain the TXKEY for a payment you’ve sent, first use the show_transfers command to see a list of payments you’ve sent out

[wallet 47CL7F]: show_transfers

From the output of this command, locate the TXID of the payment you’ve sent. Then use the get_tx_key command to obtain the TXKEY for your TXID

[wallet 47CL7F]: get_tx_key 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012

Send the TXKEY or TXKEYs produced by this command to the person you need to prove the transaction to.

Verifying the proof that someone has provided you of a transaction

If someone has gone through the procedure outlined above to prove a transaction to you, you can verify that they made the transaction by substituting their TXIDs and TXKEYs, and your receiving ADDRESS into the following command:

[wallet 47CL7F]: check_tx_key TXID TXKEY ADDRESS

This command will then confirm how much dinastycoin was sent.