Before participating in the project of a new cryptocurrency ask the following thing::

  1. What is the encryption algorithm
  2. Which is the nation method
  3. You can download software to undermine your own computer?
  4. They exist and where can I find them the sources of the software to undermine and portfolio?
  5. There is a blockChain of transactions that can be seen live and question?
  6. There is no official exchange rate with the bitcoin and where do I go to change (buying and selling at cryptovaluta)
  7. There are on line and off line shops where I can buy by paying with your cryptovaluta
  8. There are APIs (Application Program inteface) for programmers that allow you to integrate your currency in my e-commerce?
  9. There are APIs that allow me to integrate your blockchain explorer for my website?
  10. What is the total number of coins that will be extracted??

If the answers are all accurate and detailed … if the currency is just the game and you can join in with the first 100 Miners, you are getting the greatest opportunity of your life

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