With the release of the upcoming version 3.0 of Dinastycoin, scheduled for July, we will also introduce new and more efficient APIs. This step is undertaken to make the blockchain faster and more reliable even against future attacks by hackers. DinastyCoin follows the evolution of Bytecoin rather than Monero, both Cryptonote but with significant variations! Our API Release will be similar to those developed by the Bytecoin development team. Find a brief summary below:

Dinastycoin Daemon

LMDB library will be used as a standard to optimize the size of the blockchain. The size will be reduced to about 50% of the current size. Therefore, fewer resources will be reduced, which has a significant impact on the blockchain. The peer-to-peer download of the database will allow all users to download blocks at the same time from different nodes. The new APIs have been simplified and will be much easier to integrate. The ports and endpoints will remain the same.Those updates will have a significant impact on stability and performance. It will also reduce the chance of Database corruption. In addition, the LMDB library and the upcoming parallel database download mode will reduce synchronization time considerably compared to before.

Wallet Daemon

Previously, the wallet file was used to store the keys, the history of transactions and the cache. With the update, this data will be split from each other and stored in their according files. The wallet file will only contain the keys. The history and the cache will be stored in their respective folders. This also means that the wallet file will not increase in size anymore. It will be extremely compact, easy to backup and almost completely immune to corruption. The blockchain cache will be created, without colliding with the keys and history files. The new wallet file will be fully compatible with the old one. A new function named send Test will also be introduced. It is a cryptographic object that is able to prove that the creator of a transaction has actually sent the coins.

Example: let’s say that Alice sent coins to Bob, then Bob can ask for proof that he actually sent them. This method will resolve any dispute.

The front-end part has also been significantly updated, including several back-end implementations. A new design will be introduced! The new design and the huge amount of new features could not be possible without the great work done by the Bytecoin community, which our development team is closely working together.

GUI Version updates:

Unified and simplified APIs
Support for dynamic fees
Detailed status information of your coins – expendable, blocked, unconfirmed, etc.
Dashboard Control Center Integration Console – monitors daemon activities and easy to use report management
Improved Contacts – Contacts will be  stored separately from the .wallet file to make it considerably smaller
Improved import and export functions

We have been working hard during the last months to realize our goals and feature updates to push our project to the next level, including a hotel booking platform, a marketplace, a refereal system and many more!

Our Roadmaps for the Dinasty of Freedom and according side projects will be released soon!