Emission logic

Total amount of coins to be emitted.    2.000.440.737,09551615

Emission curve

DinastyCoin  provides emission formula with slight decrease of block reward with each block. This is different from Bitcoin where block reward halves every 4 years.

Difficulty target 120 Seconds

Difficulty target is an ideal time period between blocks. In case an average time between blocks becomes less than difficulty target, the difficulty increases. Difficulty target is measured in seconds.

Difficulty target directly influences several aspects of coin’s behavior:

  • transaction confirmation speed: the longer the time between the blocks is, the slower transaction confirmation is
  • emission speed: the longer the time between the blocks is the slower the emission process is
  • orphan rate: chains with very fast blocks have greater orphan rate

For most coins difficulty target is 60 or 120 seconds.

Block reward formula

default implementation of block reward logic

This function has two parts:

  • basic block reward calculation: 
  • big block penalty calculation: this is the way DinastyCoin protects the block chain from transaction flooding attacks and preserves opportunities for organic network growth at the same time.

Only the first part of this function is directly related to the emission logic.

Minimum transaction fee 100000

Transactions cheaper than the minimum transaction fee wouldn’t be accepted by daemons.

Penalty free block size 20000 bytes.

DinastyCoin protects chain from tx flooding by reducing block reward for blocks larger than the median block size. However, this rule applies for blocks larger than 20000 bytes.