On this page you will find description of every method in Dinastycoin RPC Wallet API. Dinastycoin RPC Wallet is a HTTP server which provides JSON 2.0 RPC interface for Dinastycoin payment operations and address management. Each method has its own page that can be found by clicking on this method.

More on how to start and operate Dinastycoin  RPC Wallet can be found here:  DinastyCoin  RPC Wallet

To make a JSON PRC request to your Dinastycoin RPC Wallet you should use POST request that looks like this:



  • is an IP of Dinastycoin RPC Wallet, if RPC Wallet is located on local machine it is either or localhost,
  • is Dinastycoin RPC Wallet port, by default it is binded to 8070 port, but it can be manually binded to any port you want, read more about this here.

DinastyCoin RPC Wallet API methods

Method Description
reset reset() method allows you to re-sync your wallet.
getViewKey getViewKey() method returns address view key.
getSpendKeys getSpendKeys() method returns address spend keys.
getStatus getStatus() method returns information about the current RPC Wallet state: block_count, known_block_count, last_block_hash and peer_count.
getAddresses getAddresses() method returns an array of your RPC Wallet’s addresses.
createAddress createAddress() method creates an address.
deleteAddress deleteAddress() method deletes a specified address.
getBalance getBalance() method returns a balance for a specified address. If address is not specified, returns a cumulative balance of all RPC Wallet’s addresses.
getBlockHashes getBlockHashes() method returns an array of block hashes for a specified block range.
getTransactionHashes getTransactionHashes() method returns an array of block and transaction hashes.
getTransactions getTransactions() method returns information about the transactions in specified block range or for specified addresses.
getUnconfirmedTransactionHashes getUnconfirmedTransactionHashes() method returns information about the current unconfirmed transaction pool or for a specified addresses.
getTransaction getTransaction() method returns information about the specified transaction.
sendTransaction sendTransaction() method creates and sends a transaction.
createDelayedTransaction createDelayedTransaction() method creates but not sends a transaction.
getDelayedTransactionHashes getDelayedTransactionHashes() method returns hashes of delayed transactions.
deleteDelayedTransaction deleteDelayedTransaction() method deletes a specified delayed transaction.
sendDelayedTransaction sendDelayedTransaction() method sends a specified delayed transaction.
sendFusionTransaction sendFusionTransaction() method creates and sends a fusion transaction.
estimateFusion estimateFusion() method allows to estimate a number of outputs that can be optimized with fusion transactions.