As anticipated we changed the way of managing the rental service Pc Cloud, and sent an email to the whole community, but I had not yet written an article on the site. I will this remedy this now.

We have replaced the former PC Cloud rental service with a service that, at the same cost and with the people who use the service, provides our Pool with 100 times more power in terms of Khash.

The Hash power of the official Pool Mining of Dinasty of Freedom is important to maintain the community and therefore in Italy the largest number of new Dinastycoin generated, even if there are several foreigners registered.

How Does it work ?

We will purchase the hashes to be sent to our pool on the free market using a unique DCY address of Dinastyoffreedom. The Pool will generate thanks to the hashes provided by that address, then will be shared with all registered members according to 7 levels that are the same that we had already used for the rental Cloud. Costs therefore remain unchanged. All those who had a Cloud that has not yet expired have already been redirected to the new service and are already receiving the 5/6 daily emails every “about” 4 hours with the Dinastycoin quota established by the chosen configuration, which is already set for a DCY number higher than the one they had for Pc Cloud Rental. Probably in the future at least for the next few months it will also increase if the number of members of this service increases. The more power the Pool has and the more dinastycoin will be produced and shared

The advantages of using Dinastycoin Hash Sharing are different:

1) Increasing the hash power of our pool and we hold a much higher number of Dinastycoin to share with all those registered, less new dinastycoin go abroad and better for the value of DCY. Abroad while appreciating our project, having many DCY initially think more to monetize them at a low price rather than wait and enhance them to spend more in made in Italy stores that will soon be active,

2) You receive a fixed quantity 5/6 times a day of Dinastycoin regardless of what the pool will produce. If it were to serve the address, it will also be powered by a reserve fund that we set up in the days when production is not sufficient.

3) You contribute to the Life Existence, so that part of what you spend to participate is recovered. 1% of the amount goes to the REINV

4) You can create a monthly residual in Bitcoin. If you sponsor and suggest to your direct downline, you create a monthly income in Bitcoin, with a commission that increases with your level of qualification in the Dinasty of Freedom community. So not just Dinastycoin but also Bitcoin’s earning.

To be able to book the service and see the relative costs go to the Upgrade and Cloud Activities Menu> Dinastycoin hash sharing

The payment is made through Uphold as usual and also the possible commissions are then instantly received as usual through Uphold.

So many DinastyCoins for everyone!