Pull Dinastycoin home with a normal PC or Laptop is possible and easy to do with a few steps to follow. In this article I try to explain. You can also see all the videos over 30 minutes. You are explained to you by showing you how to work directly on the PC. First we start with a medium-good configuration advisable to have in order to make a good daily extraction. The fact remains that even with lower class configurations can be extracted Dinastycoin, only it will take more time.

Medium Solution

processori Intel® Core™ i5 6600k di 4a generazione  L2Cache 1Mb L3Cache 8Mb clock 3,5/3,9 GHZ 4 4 Core e 4 Threads

Medium/High Solution

  • Processori intel Core i7 –4790 L2 Cache 1MB + L3 Cache 8Mb Clock 
  • Memoria Fisica installata 12Gb  4 Core e 8 Threads

Top Solution

Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2 L2 Cache 3MB + L3 Cache 30Mb Clock 3GHz 12 Core 24 Threads In ogni  caso si consiglia di avere da 12gb in su di memoria Ram Meglio se sono Dual, Triple o Quad Channel

[mycred_video id=”alIvBoCLhQs” logic=”full”]

the key points to understand also explained in the movie are::

  1. You can create as many empty wallets on the local disk in giving a name to the file created that will have ‘always extension .wallet (mynamewallet)..
  2. When you open the wallet always opens the last .Wallet file you were using when you last closed the wallet..
  3. You must keep the default settings of the setup..
  4. Devi eseguire i setup sia del miner che del Wallet Gui in modalita Amministratore.
  5. you must have at least one copy of each file backup .wallet
  6. If the .wallet file damage, you can open from any computer where the Dinastycoin Wallet is installed, a copy of the original wallet. Once opened will synchronize loading all your Dinastycoin was in you damaged oldFile.
  7. you must encrypt any address Dinastycoin with a strong password..
  8. When you open the wallet you have to wait for it to finish syncing to see the latest Dinastycoin extracts.
  9. Opening Wallet instantly check the name and path of the file where will be saved dinastycoin and make a copy of the file with the Backup option in the File menu
  10. Every time you install a new version of the Wallet, will overwrite the default wallet file (for this you must have you ever made a copy before a new installation) and created a new address..
  11. The portfolio generated the first time you open the wallet automatically is in c:/utenti/tuonomewindows/appdata/roaming/dinastycoin/dinastycoinwallet.wallet
  12. The folder c:/ Users/yournamewindows/appdata may not be visible, to see it you have to change the folder view by activating “show hidden files and folders“.
  13. Just made the first installation after having also made a backup click on RECEIVE button and select and copy all the full address string of the portfolio to be used to receive dinastycoin extracted during the nation and you have to go and copy this address in your backoffice in ‘ Activities option ‘> Profile> The data where you can find the address field Dinastycoin.
  14. once purchased the license Miner Dinastycoin 100DCY wait at least 24 hours before calling for service, if after entering the login or after trying to click Start tion receive a message that tells you that the license does not exist or is inactive.
  15. The Wallet GUI you can install and run on all computers you want.
  16. the Miner you can install it on all computers you want but you can run it only on 1. Once the license is recognized creates a fingerprint of that PC and what time only on that PC you can extract.
  17. Miner support costs 100DCY  to pay for technical support for everyone, once install the Gui Miner will run for 24 hour at day or how much do you want