bitcoin-minerWe are happy to annouce you that Dinastycoin mining is started 25 march testnet and May 2016 started officially.

We started with a small group of Miners members of Dinasty fo Freedom first month and then in June it was open to all Dinasty of Freedom Comunity. 

To can partecipate to the Dinastycoin Mining need to join the comunity dinasty of Freedom to can download the miner and the Gui Wallet.

Dinastycoin (DCY) is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that is not based on Bitcoin’s code.

Dinastycoin aims to be a fungible and untraceable digital medium of exchange. It intrinsically has a higher degree of privacy than Bitcoin or any of its various forks.  

Our scope was to create the first Social Crytpocurrency, launched during march 2016, it was mined but a first group of Miners members of Community Dinasty of Freedom. The comunity is started october 2015

Please visit News, announcements and editorials on the Dinastycoin official Web site for the latest news.


  • Untraceable payments
  • Unlinkable transactions
  • Blockchain analysis resistance
  • Adaptive parameters

Academic and Theory

Dinastycoin’s functionality is backed up by academic research and cryptographically proven schemes. Since Dinastycoin was initially based on the CryptoNote protocol, the CryptoNote whitepaper is also an invaluable reference for validating Dinastycoin’s unlinkability and untraceability claims.


  • PoW algorithm: CryptoNight
  • Max supply: Infinite (see note below) [2]
  • Block reward: Smoothly varying [3]
  • Block time: 120 seconds
  • Difficulty: Retargets at every block

[1] CPU + GPU mining (about 1:1 performance ). Memory-bound by design using AES encryption and several SHA-3 candidates.
[2] Initial number of atomic units is M = 264 – 1. However, once the block reward reaches 0.3 DCY per minute (sometime in 2022) that is treated as the minimum subsidy, which means that Dinastycoin’s total emission will forever increase by ~157680 DCY annually.
[3] Uses a recurrence relation. Block reward = (M – A) * 2-20 * 10-12, where A = current circulation. Roughly 86% mined in 4 years (see graph

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