A standard Dinastycoin transaction is generated as in the sequence shown in the figure below.

Bob decides to have an exit, which is sent to a one-time public key. He needs an Extra (1), TxOutNumber (2), account private key (3) and to retrieve his one-time private key (4).

When he sends a transaction to Carol, Bob generates the added causal value (5). Use (6), TxOutNumber (7) and Carol’s account public key (8) to get her Extra outgoing public key (9).

In input Bob hides the connection of his output between the foreign keys (10). To avoid a double-expense that also encloses the key image, derived from its one-time private key (11).

Finally, Bob signs the transaction, using his one-time private key (12), all public keys (13) and the key image (14). Finally, the resulting ring is added at the end of the transaction (15).