Nuovo HardFork Dinastycoin al blocco 550000

stiamo preparando un nuovo hardfork al blocco 550000. potenziamo sicurezza e velocità della blockchain.. maggiori informazioni sull'hardfork saranno pubblicate sul sito dinastycoin.com. i Nuovi download del daemon e del wallet gui potrebbero essere pronti per fine marzo. il blocco 550000dovrebbe arrivare a inizio giugno

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Freewallet voting list

Dinastycoin è stato aggiunto nella lista Voti di Freewallet.org Freewallet is truly yours. It's time to turn on your creativity. Join our team and help us prioritize upcoming features by voting and commenting on them. Al momento in cui scriviamo si trova già al secondo posto delle preferenze. vincendo il voting il team di freewallet [...]

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First Wallet Gui Relase is Avaiblable for Download (64bit only)

We are happy to announce to all members of Dynasty of Freedom that from today you can already download the first public release of the DinastyCoin Wallet GUI here to download itNote that this is the 64-bit version for WINDOWS .. It does not work if you install it on a 32-bit version of the [...]

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Wallet gui per Windows

It is ready the Wallet Gui for Windows.  This step marks a start of new era. Every DinastyCoin coin will be able to have a GUI wallet with all necessary features on its start. Simple yet familiar to all cryptocurrency users interface was transformed to suit DinastyCoin needs. Here is a preview of a new wallet: You [...]

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