with this post we want to inform you about the work in progress of the project and the swap. We apologize if we fail to be punctual in the information but the jobs are always so many that we do not have time to do everything according to the desired timing.

As you know we have been working since this summer to swap the current version of dinastycoin 2.1.1i to a new 3.0 version called Dante in memory of the father of the Italian language, which will have a totally different blockchain based on the latest version of Monero with algorithm of random-x mining that will allow you to return again to mine the Dinastycoin both in Mining only with your PC using the new Gui wallet or connected to a pool, obtaining excellent results. This is because the random-x algorithm no longer allows Cryptonote ASICs to obtain better results than a normal CPU can, indeed perhaps even worse.

We come to the updating of the works. Below is a brief roadmap that will lead us to the opening and beginning of the new era of Dinastycoin:

  1. 2 November isolation of the current blockchain and suspension of public seed nodes
  2. 3 November  opening on mainet explorer.dinastycoin.com
  3. 3 November activation of the new blockchain from testnet to maiNet
  4. November 4th opening on MaiNet of the official mining pool on pool.dinastycoin.com
  5. November 5 swap.dinastycoin.com website opens
  6. November 5th available download wallet gui on   dinastyoffreedom.com
  7. 5 November automatic swap of the online wallet of dinastyoffreedom.com members begins
  8. November 5th I send compilation sources to btc-alpha and cryptonote.exchange so that they can also swap all the dinastycoins they have in their wallet
  9. 6 November request for listing to a dozen exchanges (target of inclusion in at least 2 new ones)
  10. 7 November opening on Dinastyoffredom.social of the dinastycoin wallet that allows the conversion of points received for social activities into Dinastycoin
  11. 11 November publication on Github of all the sources of the blockchain (dinastycoind dinasticoin.-wallet-cli etc)
  12. November 15th publication on github of all sources of the compiler gui wallet for Win Mac Linux
  13. November 30 new wallet gui version with option to print wallet paper in banknote format
  14. 10 December new webapp available for merchants who will be able to read the new banknote walletpaper and import it to a new address by resuming only the QrCod

Some of our most passionate contributors are also working to update the pages on Discord and Bitcointalk

There is also a new dinastycoin.how site which will be the learning center for users, traders and developers who want to get to know the new dinastycoin well.

The main road map will be updated, as there are several new developments and goals to be achieved with the new Dinastycoin

Obviously the backoffice dinastyoffreedombackoffice.org shopping dinastyoffreedom.shop and dinastyoffreedom.media will be updated to support the new blockchain

Btc-alpha communicated swap support to us. Over 140 million Dinastycoins are on their exchange and will be converted to the new format. as soon as the conversion has taken place, on Btc-Alpha you can return to deposit, trade and withdraw your dinastycoins. Same thing with Cryptonote.exchange which has about 40 million Dinastycoins that will be converted to the new format automatically

For cryptopia where there are at least 300 million dinastycoins, the matter is more complicated, since as you know the exchange is closed for the known hacking events. However, I think they will return all the dinastycoins by sending all members an email with instructions. Once members have access to their wallet they will be able to deposit on the Swap.dinastycoin.com website to convert them to the new format. The site will remain open until this has been done. Once Cryptopia has communicated the date to access its Dinastycoin wallets, we will establish a definitive closing date for the swap site that will give everyone time to make the change.

Keep up to date and follow us on the various social networks, participate and spread the advent of the new dinastycoin