Following the repeated posts in which the complaint for the loss of the dinastycoins is revealed, we believe it is necessary to respond as follows, recalling what has been said and repeated several times in the past months and as can be read in the previous posts made before and during the Swap in this same blog:

The communications and notices of the swap began as early as the beginning of summer 2019 in the various social networks and here on the official blog, and from October 2019 until April 2020 the holders of Dinastycoin on Wallet Desktop had the opportunity to send their Dinastycoins on the specially created swap site Most did, and hundreds of millions of DCYs were converted.

The swap communications continued through social media, chats and with messages also sent personally to all those who were in direct contact with the Dinasty of Freedom association, which at its own expense, without any funding, carried out the entire blockchain change operation and related technical support. “Everyone was invited to transfer their wallets from the old blockchain to the new one by opening an account on the site where an address was created on which to transfer everything they had done up to block 850000 and providing the new address where they would have received the exchange 1 to 1. >>

All those who had online wallets on Btc-Alpha and dinastyoffreedom were converted automatically. “

Despite the repeated communications in which we reiterated that we take this seriously and explained the importance of updating, offering moreover the service of an address on which to deposit your DCY, offering our total availability, it has not been given I listen to some (fortunately few) who today claim their DCY and, moreover, slander our project without taking responsibility for their lack of interest in our project.

They forget that the neglect of their own interests is attributable only to themselves. We cannot accept this type of insult, especially since we have made ourselves available well in advance (6 months!) To remedy the problem.

We are truly sorry for what happened and we are always available for our community which can testify to the attention we devote to orientation in the project but we cannot take on the responsibilities that do not belong to us.

We reiterate again that in January, we communicated in our chats the desire to start a program to at least partially compensate those who have not updated, just to demonstrate the fact that in our project we do not want to leave anyone behind.

The program will follow but only for those who will contact us personally and who will prove that they have been in possession of the dcy dating back to block 850000 (before the swap), as well as referring to us with respect for the rules of transparency and honesty that we have always shown first towards each investor.