How to break free from the bondage of debt created by these financial plutocratic oligarchies which now control all governments of the world and above all Italy?

We our recipe “natural” that would win 100% if all of the following instructions to take his medicine regularly ascribed we have it

We must all work together to create an economy that should no longer make use of their dirty fiat currency debt… on this I believe that everyone should be in agreement dinastycointhen we are spreading the most democratic and decentralized method that history can remember … that the use of the cryptovalute because I see them as a solution ….

but as THE solution ..

If all human beings would be created by your own currency and if mistook consciously no more then make use of the banking system … what would happen to a system based on debt?
If the unpayable debt would cease to exist .. I’m not just talking about the Bitcoin , but the hundreds of crytovalute that were created derived from Bitcoin and continue to broaden the mass of users around the world ..

Everyone creates his money is required for a decent life … no more debt !!!

as we now know it well … we believe in it so much that we have created a new, avvantaggiatoci that we Programmatroi Software experts with over 30 years of programming behind it …

and now we are starting to spread through a comunity where you can find the information at this address and at this for US this is the right path, and I speak in general of cryptovalute not only the dinastycoin we have created , not only for us, but especially for those who want to face this challenge against the monster and against their fears and they want to do with us ..

Unity is strength…

in general once entered in the exchange circuits new (true) cryptovalute buy a true value and who creates them creates an annuity and becomes a bank …

try to think about it ….

It is the biggest revolution in the modern history of man … and perhaps the whole history of man ..

just use the banks no longer serve us …

the cryptocurrency you to keep you on a USB stick in a smartphone, in a hard disk or even can stampartele on paper to preserve them in the safe or in your wallet ……

and do not be fooled by those who live and prosper with fiat currencies … by those in power, the Government or institutions or worse working for banks or even by those who are afraid of new advances and technology..

because they will do anything to make me believe that they are unsafe or that is expected to disappear … and other nonsense like that.

The cryptovalute are so secure, and now too widespread to stop …… that all the world’s major banks are investing great resources on Blockchain of cryptovalute, which is the way in which they travel ultrasicuro the Cryptate transactions ……..

the lords cryptocurrency can rid the world of slavery from debt created financial plutocratic oligarchies ….

….is just a cultural issue and just above break free from fear! We are human beings and we have the right to a free and dignified life.


no centralization of power and wealth by the few who not only holding if their wealth, but they do everything to increase it more and more impoverished people inventing non-existent crisis or sparking wars for their interests…

We may be able to create for themselves are our reward just all agree to scambiarcela to buy the products and services that we produce ourselves..

Think about it!!!..

who until now was the dawn of time in some way delegated by the people (or worse took power by force) could manage the currency used by the people, but it has always used this power to get slowly to the point where we are today, using the money created for their dirty games accentrandola front of you and a few others and indebting slowly whole populations and states (the banks have bought over the years all the politicians and the media, replacing them in power and manipulation in the information will always be pro-domo their course) …..

and these fine gentlemen think NOT PRODUCE ANY WEALTH for the Company

because their main job now is just to make broken promises and finding subtle ways to always remove the most money earned to those who work….

AND why not make all their task Assigned to Manage and organize a nation to Stay WELL their fellow citizens !!!I!!!!

Avowedly PARASITES ARE ONLY USELESS .. so there we can easily do without!

The solution I’m giving you, to you if you continue to use only the Fiat money created out of nothing by a handful of banks whose head there are private households from Rockefeller to Rothschild to European aristocracies in particular English and so loved by millions of VATICAN poor deluded! Free choice, red pill or blue pill!!