We begin these days the process for entering DinastyCoin into international  cryptocurrencies exchange price lists, as are processes that require months to be completed, we start well in advance also to show you what you need to do as members of Dynasty of Freedom for help and to ensure that the process is faster and more especially because in the end bring us to the desired initial transmission, which as already stated will be 1.1 dollar.

An ambitious change just to begin, as it is our project, but for what we are building will be sustainable, the important thing is to convey to you all the information so that you can make appropriate contributions. Its a Do Ut Des for it will be interest of the whole community to have a strong currency, stable and gradual and steady increase over time. The first step is that we begin a survey to find out what the price lists where we can enter the dinastycoin. Virtually everyone, but there are some simple and others more complex. So obviously we’ll start with the easier ones, going to more difficult ones, which are also the largest and most popular, gradually ……..

In principle all function in a similar way, each of Change-trade cryptovalute Service, provides a kind of stand by list for the new cryptovalute that want to be included in their list.

A kind of purgatory …..

in which one must stand up in the ranking, as after a certain period, the first or the first to the second, of the list are taken in their official list changes, and then from that moment may be bought and sold, How do you rank? with slight variations between one service and another, more or less works with the system of marks, is a bit like attending an electoral system, ie cryptovalute must receive a certain number of votes in order to be “elected.”.

About these votes?

Of course, they are those who are already using the currency and are therefore interested in seeing edged and exchanged with other cryptovalute..

So you’ll be contributing for this to happen … why always we emphasize the importance of growth in the webinar of our comunity also that they are for the most part freebirth … as they too will have the dinastycoin to spend and that too ‘ they will be this fall undermine their dinastycoin.

We will produce a series of articles around each exchange list where we intend to go list. Giving the necessary instructions to give your vote, given that the procedures are different from one service to another.

It is so VERY important that we follow these instructions carefully and if you have any Downline make your meetings to explain to all of your followers they have to do…

here it is really important to work in unison and have all as a goal the value of Dinastycoin and not so much the individual personal profit….

It should be explained especially to the greedy, maybe you will find hundreds of thousands of DCY to moderate their greed for the common good…  

for example if you are at 100,000 dinastycoin and the initial transmission and 1.1 will soon light up the lanterns thinking you are holding $ 110,000 … and the temptation to go now to sell them …. but in doing so you find yourself devalue Dinastycoin…

Instead we have to do is to sell for example no more than 20% and immediately try to go and buy it back 5% to a slightly higher price than what we have just sold … repeat it a few times and then resell a 10 % at a price higher than the first 20% .

Continuing in this way creates movement and gains. Important not to succumb to the temptation to sell right away, because even with all that we are doing with the stores that will start and the agreements that we are taking to start with Payexe make sure that there will be a growing demand for DCY which will consequently maintain and increase the value over time.



The first of which we begin to talk about is BTER see how it works and what you can do to help me up NOW. Here we think of making the request for inclusion and then the inclusion in the “purgatory” once the promotion of 120 miners so after July 15, as before making applications for inclusion requires a number of miners, a popular Forum with active discussions every day and obviously blockchain live, reference web sites and other things that we have all ready and operational from now.

First, then all those who are registered with Sponsor DINASTYOFREEDOM register in BTER using one of the two ref link below
trading dinastycoin

Signup page URL: https://bter.com/signup/264938  (before using this link wait for May 25)

Home page URL: https://bter.com/ref/264938 (before using this link wait for May 25)

Once you registered you’ll have your link that you’ll have to go to your downline because they register in their turn, and so on

Why a REF?.

It is a trading market Cryptovalute … When people sign up using your Ref code, they get a 10% discount on all trading COSTS when of course they will do the buying and selling and you receive compensation of 30 COST% on that they have paid for their transaction. And this for 6 months, not forever. Before inviting your downline you have to wait 24 hours you can not do it right away.

Come funziona Il sistema di voto di Bter

When we join in their waiting list, you have to go to vote on DinastyCoin.

To avoid spam as it should, that is, to avoid that there is someone with technical hackers going to enter invalid votes, only registered users can vote and only those people who have a history of trading operations cryptovalute orders made in the list will BTER to do it.

For each trading transaction they earn BTER Points (BTR) must have 1000 BTR to give a vote to a cryptovaluta or alternatively have a total sufficient account in order to vote. They give you 1 to 10 possibility to vote per hour based on the total of the BTR that one has.

You can spend points BTR with the votes for a fee, for every vote you spend 100 BTR based on the votes of a coin and the votes of all coins.  

All BTR payments are collected and donated to the account Btr.com’s Public Interest to support the development of their comunitaò, helping people and promoting progressive technologies. 

Tips: for each Bitcoin being treated in their market that will pay 5000BTR then trading with BTER will give a nice contribution to the future inclusion of Dinastycoin

This is the first will follow with the necessary instructions .. Fundamental then your contribution and dissemination of this information to your downline .. We are all in this together .. We row in the same direction and we will go very faro.