We are happy to announce to all members of Dynasty of Freedom that from today you can already download the first public release of the DinastyCoin Wallet GUI here to download it

Note that this is the 64-bit version for WINDOWS .. It does not work if you install it on a 32-bit version of the operating system, in this case you also have to wait a few days to be able to download the 32-bit version


After installing the program will open with an interface similar to the picture above .. You have to wait a few minutes because it is synchronized with the Blockchain

dianstycoin wallet sincronized

When you see the bottom bar the message Synchronized Wallet, you will be in place ready for use..

What should I do now?

  1. Open the FIle menu option and select “Create Wallet”. At that point I should select a location and name to save your new portfolio. The extension of each Dinastycoin Wallet you create will be always .Wallet, ie: mywallet.wallet
  2. The second thing to do to verify and store your new address. You can do it by clicking on the button  receive money you see on the top button bar. The address will be something like this long string   YwzFy7Y6mtyfr1MrNP7FnXEruyJCWLcUJ8T3gwS(…..). You can see that each address that you create will have ‘always the same first initial letter Y

  3. After you create your address you will be able to send and receive DinastyCoin using SEND and RECEIVE options that are on the top button bar